Paper Yoshi 2 info!

2011-05-04 18:13:33 by YoshiTechno

Hi again guys! We have good news about PY2.

-A new style (in development) will appear on PY2. It will look better than the other one (AND I AM GOING TO INCLUDE A SAMUS SKETCH DRAWN BY ME <3!!)
-PY2 will include also a Racing Mode (Episode 3). I call it "Modracers". Soon a demo of it will be available.
-Finally we're working the 3D parts, such as the opening and other things. We've improved the cannon first person view (thank you Darko for your work!!)
-PY2 Special Edition will be finally available on England! (For USA, you have to wait a bit more -_-') Soon you guys can order your own PY2 Special Edition!
-Now we've updated the OST tracks. But they're not available yet! :|
-The comic of PY2 has been restarted finally!
-Some guys suggested for a French and Japanese versions, but for now we have no plans to make a French and Japanese versions. We're so sorry.
-Incredibly, SMBZ has been inactive for 2 years... What is going on? We think that chapter 9 is still in development, but it's also possible that SMBZ it's dead. Well... If it dies, this series has an opportunity to be famous (WT*** I'm thinking??!)
-We'll try to make the chapters longer, because we can't produce lots and lots of chapters... Right now, we estimate a number of 20 episodes... But we aren't sure what are we going to do.

Down here there are some screenshots of the early version of the 1st opening of PY2.

Paper Yoshi 2 info!


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