Happy Birthday!

2011-07-10 18:29:10 by YoshiTechno

No. It's not my birthday. It's YonicStudios' 8th Birthday.

Maybe it should be more important if it is YonicStudios 10th, but you should know that, when I had 8 years old, YonicStudios "born" (it was oficially announced one year later).

And now, YS is passing to a new stage. However, YonicStudios NewGen it's still alive.

Celebrating it, we're now officially give you 2 gifts:

A) WiiStudio Player: Now our Flash submissions will work with this cool template we've made some months ago. The Flash submissions that were made with WiiStudio Player will be compatible with Internet Channel on Wii. (And maybe some mobile phones). And no, we have no plans for a DSi or 3DS version.

B) Paper Yoshi 2: Demo 2: The second official demo will be launched the same day as YS' 8th birthday! This also will be the first Flash game with WiiStudio Player.


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