More information about Paper Yoshi 2: Chapter 2

2012-04-22 15:50:55 by YoshiTechno

Paper Yoshi 2 has been stopped its production for a long while since we are working in new projects, such as Yonic GameThroughs. Much of the actual projects are only available in Spanish. Paper Yoshi 2 is one of the few current projects that has a multilingual support.

Here are some of the new features of Paper Yoshi 2 (to be applied in episodes 2 and 3):
-Updated graphics.
-New gameplay modes:
A) Fighting mode: Updated to ver. 3.0.
B) Racing mode: Updated to ver. 2.0.
C) Puzzle mode.
D) First-View mode.
E) Hacking mode.
F) Phase mode.
G) Urgency mode.
-New characters!
-Improving art style: RubySheets.

That is the only thing I can tell... We are trying to make a Super Smash Brothers parody, but we don't have our main voice actor available right now... He had a pneumothorax and he cannot work on it.
Also we are making an English project "Life is wrong". Soon I'll explain the details. But I (Yonic) personally am not convinced about it... :/

Anyways, that is what we are offering.


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