Development reset of PY2 Episode 2!

2013-01-19 19:54:40 by YoshiTechno

Because of some problems related to the FPS module of the second episode of Paper Yoshi 2, we've decided to reset the development, this time using ActionScript 3.0...

But I personally think that it was a great idea. With AS3 we've built a new sound engine: Mercury, which makes a simple movie to have "the sound of a real game". So I say, weee~
Oh, but not also the sound. Texts are getting quite better this time!

In Episode 2, the Chat Organizator (the box that wraps the text) will be redesigned and will support 2 languages (and MUCH more compact than Episode 1!), and in Episode 3, PW-styled chatbox might be implemented (and that means too *beep*, *beep*, folks >:3)

Ah, and beware. We've confirmed powerful and scary enemies... Which might be...



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