2013-04-04 07:32:39 by YoshiTechno

We're making lots of progress in Episode 2 of PY2. After we fought a lot, we FINALLY got a working Shinespark module! (we might be able to fix Episode 1's Shinespark, too :3 ). We've reached to the FPS minigame in two days! We are currently in a break, but soon we will have everything programmed and ready to use for the final version!

Also, we've announced a cool feature that will be used from Episode 2 onwards: The Dongle system!
With the Dongle system, you can take ALL the items you've achieved from a Paper Yoshi 2 episode to the next one! (For example, you achieve 10 Missile Expansions and 1 Energy Tank in Episode 2. When Episode 3 is released, and Episode 2 is updated with the Dongle system enabled, you can use the Dongle system to take all these items from Episode 2 to Episode 3! And best of all, if you achieved 5 Missile Expansions and 3 Energy Tanks in Episode 3, with all the items you've got in Episode 2, you can use the Dongle system to take EVERYTHING from both episodes to Episode 4!).

Soon you will see how this marvelous tool works. It's awesome! :'D

We won't enable the Dongle system in Episode 1 because there are no items except Shinespark, which is an item you always are going to pick up. Also, Dongle system doesn't -yet- have support with ActionScript 2.0 apps and games.

We are also gonna introduce a new battling system, probably on Episode 3 due to time constraints.
The first official launch date is 11th July 2013! (same day of YonicStudios X's arrival, by the way :3)


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