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Paper Yoshi 2: New Opening

2011-04-20 09:10:31 by YoshiTechno

Now that we've started producing the second episode of Paper Yoshi 2, we have new features:
*The Spanish and English Version will now be combined, so the chapter 2 will be 1 Flash of 2 languages. Now there will be only 3 versions: YouTube, NewGrounds and deviantART.
*A new opening will be created by some 3D technicals of Valencia and Madrid, based on the famous opening of Eyewitness.
*Some graphic effects were updated, like the visor and the cannon.
*Finally, the second chapter will have 3D Graphics

The estimated release date will be on August 2011 -if there are no problems.

Ball Revamped 6: Planetarium

2011-01-29 16:26:56 by YoshiTechno

Well, right now I'm working with Ball Revamped 6: Planetarium. It doesn't look very bad being my first flash game.

From the original series, I've changed some things:
-Backgrounds are 100% vectorial (drawn by me)
-The ball has only 2 colors: Blue and green.
-Ball animations (entering portal and death) are slightly different than the original.
-Inversed gravity.
-None gravity.
-Natural winds.
-Music from the previous games.
-Coins (removes X deaths, depending of its value: 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50)
-Now you don't have to solve the puzzles again if you die.

This time, the adventure isn't expanded only on a single planets: Now more planets are available. Here's the complete list of them:
-Wabaye: The first planet, completely flooded.
-Marubiam: The youngest planet of the Planetary System. Due to it's age, it's volcanic.
-Fokari: A planet filled of jungles and forests. It has a moon, Tentallara.
-Anphasis: A ringed planet. It looks like a graveyard.
-Spainta: A city based on Almagro (village of Ciudad Real, Spain)

Ball Revamped 6: Planetarium

Possible features of PY2 episode 2

2011-01-25 17:17:37 by YoshiTechno

Here are some of the new possible features that we will include on the Episode 2 of PY2:

-A conversation of Yonic and Dark Yonic before uploading the movie (at the start and at the end of the movie).
-An analysis of the planet Gaia after the opening sequence.
-OBJECTS and UPGRADES commands at Battle Mode.
-A short Simpsons parody (that sofa gag).
-A secret extra content (SEEEEECREEEEEET)

Other possible thing: Maybe this time PY2 chapter 2 will be released before in English that on Spanish.
But we aren't sure.

Riddle School X: A new project

2011-01-22 19:00:54 by YoshiTechno

After playing the whole series of Riddle School, I had the strange idea of making a sequel of Riddle School.

I called it Riddle School X. But the name's only temporal. Maybe I'll change it soon.

Just a point and click game, I think. But I don't know if canceling this project or make it.

It's the only thing I want to say. I'm tired.

PY2 it's official on English!

Go here to watch it!

The Original Soundtrack of Paper Yoshi 2 it's available at this page. Sorry, it's in Spanish, but soon I'll add an English content...

Anyways, PY2 in English will be available veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery sooooooooooon!!

Well, let's start. The English Edition of the first chapter of Paper Yoshi 2 it's being upgraded with this cool features:

1. A new cooler preloader. (Used an NG preloader with a background)
2. Music optimized to the maximum (Max quality, min space!!)
3. Some audio bugs fixed.
4. Some animation bugs fixed.
5. Addition of 4 Special Codes (seecreet codes)

One more thing. Soon, an Special Edition of Paper Yoshi 2 will be released (only available in Spain), and its contents will be:

1. Movie
2. Exclusive images of Paper Yoshi 2, like artwork and renders (from episode 3, we also introduce exclusive images of Paper Yoshi 1)
3. Audio only available via Special Edition (Music tracks will be available downloading the soundtrack, under construction)

OK. Bye!


2010-12-31 12:36:34 by YoshiTechno

Okay, so, PY2 it's officially released.

BUT ONLY ON SPANISH! The English Edition will be official on January 2011, and it will be more improved that this version!

Anyways, you can check it by clicking here

It's a bit difficult due to its speed. You might have good reflexes!!

PY2 will be launched on Autumn/Fall 2010!

2010-09-13 08:24:50 by YoshiTechno

Paper Yoshi 2's first chapter it's about 75% complete.

New features released on this incredible movie:

-A fight system never seen on Newgrounds (I think ^_^'), you can check an example here (Spanish)
-Interaction on some parts of the movie, like a point-and-click game.
-Battles Alvin-Earthworm's style
-Official Soundtrack released with 10 different versions, and 2 possible new ones.
-Possible Creative Suite 5 and Swift 3D 6/Swift 3D Xpress integration.
-Official Wallpaper packs for iPhone/iPod and PC.
-Possible Paint Photoshop integration.

Paper Yoshi 2 will be finally released on Autum/Fall 2010!

Oh! Just one more thing, there are 4 days remaining for my birthday!!

About Paper Yoshi 2...

2010-07-25 05:37:12 by YoshiTechno

I'm going to talk about the trailer and the release date of the series.
First of all, the trailer WILL NOT appear on Newgrounds, I'm so sorry. Anyways, you can always check the trailer of Youtube (I'll upload it in August, more less).

About the release date... I think that I can upload the first chapter in Spanish on August-September, and the English translation on September-October, if I have time...