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More details of Paper Yoshi 2: Episode 3, and a new game

2015-02-01 07:06:52 by YoshiTechno

So! It's been a while since I haven't shown an update of the next episode of PY2!

Paper Yoshi 2: Episode 3 will include a new graphic engine, and with that, a new look. Below this post there is a small screenshot of what the third episode might look like. It will also include a saving feature and achievements! It will also be classified as a game.

Also, we are working with MOTA Studios to make a new game, Glitchescape. It is going to be a very special platforming game for Android and iPhone. It might be released on April 2015!

A screenshot2562882_142279241122_1417541493.darkyonic_glitchescapecover-final-01.png

Yup! I finally managed to give it to an end!

Watch it, like, NOW!!

About Episode 3, the production has begun but it's halted for now.

Thats all I have to say for now!

Is there going to be a end to this?

2014-01-03 20:30:24 by YoshiTechno

I am sorry to say that the second episode of Paper Yoshi 2 will take more time than we last expected. Well, more exactly "more than I last expected". Because of our other projects (one of them is the development of the new engine for the third episode), everyone in the dev team moved to the other three projects we currently are working on. So now it's only me, and this game.


I know, it's been a long time, three long years. But I'm not giving up. I'll finish episode 2 before Project Europa takes place (somewhere before January 20th), so we can distribute Paper Yoshi 2: Double Edition, an special edition of PY2 that includes Episode 1 and Episode 2, in English, Spanish and French. Oh la la! (I know I shouldn't be proud of this, but anyway, it's funny :3)

I heard (and feel somehow) that the Game portal comunity is kinda demanding, especially because of the techonologies used in Flash nowadays. You can comment your reaction to this if you want, I'd appreciate it.

You'll probably think that PY2 project is about to die, but I'll fight for PY2 to keep living until I (or we, if the dev team returns) finish it. This game will be my thesis during my runtime-interactive-product-designing degree, so next year I'll probably have time for this to advance relatively quickly.

By the way, Episode 3 is looking pretty good. But I perfectly know that it can be better.

So, that's all for the moment. Let's hope this gets released soon!

Episode 1 Updated!

2013-04-29 14:54:08 by YoshiTechno

The first episode of Paper Yoshi 2 is now updated! Only available in Spanish version at the moment, but soon it will appear on English version!

This update features this cool things for this episode:
-Shinespark fully fixed! No more glitches!
-Improved battle scene.
-Improved graphics.
-Improved audio! Now the Spanish version will be more compact!
-Improved translation! No more "Intro", but "Enter"!
-Secret mode added! Unlock it via "Extra contents"!


2013-04-04 07:32:39 by YoshiTechno

We're making lots of progress in Episode 2 of PY2. After we fought a lot, we FINALLY got a working Shinespark module! (we might be able to fix Episode 1's Shinespark, too :3 ). We've reached to the FPS minigame in two days! We are currently in a break, but soon we will have everything programmed and ready to use for the final version!

Also, we've announced a cool feature that will be used from Episode 2 onwards: The Dongle system!
With the Dongle system, you can take ALL the items you've achieved from a Paper Yoshi 2 episode to the next one! (For example, you achieve 10 Missile Expansions and 1 Energy Tank in Episode 2. When Episode 3 is released, and Episode 2 is updated with the Dongle system enabled, you can use the Dongle system to take all these items from Episode 2 to Episode 3! And best of all, if you achieved 5 Missile Expansions and 3 Energy Tanks in Episode 3, with all the items you've got in Episode 2, you can use the Dongle system to take EVERYTHING from both episodes to Episode 4!).

Soon you will see how this marvelous tool works. It's awesome! :'D

We won't enable the Dongle system in Episode 1 because there are no items except Shinespark, which is an item you always are going to pick up. Also, Dongle system doesn't -yet- have support with ActionScript 2.0 apps and games.

We are also gonna introduce a new battling system, probably on Episode 3 due to time constraints.
The first official launch date is 11th July 2013! (same day of YonicStudios X's arrival, by the way :3)

Development reset of PY2 Episode 2!

2013-01-19 19:54:40 by YoshiTechno

Because of some problems related to the FPS module of the second episode of Paper Yoshi 2, we've decided to reset the development, this time using ActionScript 3.0...

But I personally think that it was a great idea. With AS3 we've built a new sound engine: Mercury, which makes a simple movie to have "the sound of a real game". So I say, weee~
Oh, but not also the sound. Texts are getting quite better this time!

In Episode 2, the Chat Organizator (the box that wraps the text) will be redesigned and will support 2 languages (and MUCH more compact than Episode 1!), and in Episode 3, PW-styled chatbox might be implemented (and that means too *beep*, *beep*, folks >:3)

Ah, and beware. We've confirmed powerful and scary enemies... Which might be...


Star Union Winter 2012 Contest!!!

2012-07-27 08:12:54 by YoshiTechno

We are currently searching Flash animators (amateurs mostly :3) from the whole globe (AND MOON) to participate in the most anticipated contest in this year 2012: Star Union!

The rules are here: Rules of Star Union Winter 2012 [English]

Current entries:
-Spain: YonicStudios (TBA).
-United Kingdom: TBA (TBA).

Paper Yoshi 2 has been stopped its production for a long while since we are working in new projects, such as Yonic GameThroughs. Much of the actual projects are only available in Spanish. Paper Yoshi 2 is one of the few current projects that has a multilingual support.

Here are some of the new features of Paper Yoshi 2 (to be applied in episodes 2 and 3):
-Updated graphics.
-New gameplay modes:
A) Fighting mode: Updated to ver. 3.0.
B) Racing mode: Updated to ver. 2.0.
C) Puzzle mode.
D) First-View mode.
E) Hacking mode.
F) Phase mode.
G) Urgency mode.
-New characters!
-Improving art style: RubySheets.

That is the only thing I can tell... We are trying to make a Super Smash Brothers parody, but we don't have our main voice actor available right now... He had a pneumothorax and he cannot work on it.
Also we are making an English project "Life is wrong". Soon I'll explain the details. But I (Yonic) personally am not convinced about it... :/

Anyways, that is what we are offering.

Happy Birthday!

2011-07-10 18:29:10 by YoshiTechno

No. It's not my birthday. It's YonicStudios' 8th Birthday.

Maybe it should be more important if it is YonicStudios 10th, but you should know that, when I had 8 years old, YonicStudios "born" (it was oficially announced one year later).

And now, YS is passing to a new stage. However, YonicStudios NewGen it's still alive.

Celebrating it, we're now officially give you 2 gifts:

A) WiiStudio Player: Now our Flash submissions will work with this cool template we've made some months ago. The Flash submissions that were made with WiiStudio Player will be compatible with Internet Channel on Wii. (And maybe some mobile phones). And no, we have no plans for a DSi or 3DS version.

B) Paper Yoshi 2: Demo 2: The second official demo will be launched the same day as YS' 8th birthday! This also will be the first Flash game with WiiStudio Player.

Paper Yoshi 2 info!

2011-05-04 18:13:33 by YoshiTechno

Hi again guys! We have good news about PY2.

-A new style (in development) will appear on PY2. It will look better than the other one (AND I AM GOING TO INCLUDE A SAMUS SKETCH DRAWN BY ME <3!!)
-PY2 will include also a Racing Mode (Episode 3). I call it "Modracers". Soon a demo of it will be available.
-Finally we're working the 3D parts, such as the opening and other things. We've improved the cannon first person view (thank you Darko for your work!!)
-PY2 Special Edition will be finally available on England! (For USA, you have to wait a bit more -_-') Soon you guys can order your own PY2 Special Edition!
-Now we've updated the OST tracks. But they're not available yet! :|
-The comic of PY2 has been restarted finally!
-Some guys suggested for a French and Japanese versions, but for now we have no plans to make a French and Japanese versions. We're so sorry.
-Incredibly, SMBZ has been inactive for 2 years... What is going on? We think that chapter 9 is still in development, but it's also possible that SMBZ it's dead. Well... If it dies, this series has an opportunity to be famous (WT*** I'm thinking??!)
-We'll try to make the chapters longer, because we can't produce lots and lots of chapters... Right now, we estimate a number of 20 episodes... But we aren't sure what are we going to do.

Down here there are some screenshots of the early version of the 1st opening of PY2.

Paper Yoshi 2 info!